Contract Terms & Conditions

  • Customer hereby verifies that the pick-up date, times, contact information, number of passengers and billing information are correctly stated.
  • Customer shall be liable for all damages to the vehicle caused by the Customer or members of his/her party, sustained during Customer's trip; to include all spills, burns, rips, tears or damage to any equipment.
  • If the Customer plans on having outside alcohol on any of our vehicles there is a refundable damage deposit required. 14-25 passenger bus damage deposit is $150 and $250.00 for all other vehicles.
  • All wedding Customers agree to pay a refundable damage deposit of $250.00 per vehicle.
  • DEPOSIT – We require a down payment of $200 per coach or 20% of the total cost (whichever is greater). This is due within 14 days of your booking date.
  • TThe balance must be paid in full 30 days prior to the event. Any additional charges, such as additional time or vehicles after final payment, will be invoiced the next business day.
  • Customer understands that there is no smoking allowed in the vehicle(s) at any time.
  • Customer agrees to pay the driver directly for the cost of any parking expenses and/or toll expenses.
  • Customer agrees that if anyone in the party is found using any illegal drugs, fighting or any other forms of misconduct considered inappropriate by the driver, the driver will return all passengers to the starting point or drop-off location immediately.
  • Wineries and Craft Breweries are not allowed to serve intoxicated people. If a winery denies you service because you are too intoxicated, your tour will be concluded and you will be returned to your pickup location. Please remember to eat prior to your tour and to taste responsible.
  • Blue Lakes By The Bay will provide a device that will allow the Coach to have access to Wi-Fi for up to 10 users. Data usage may not always be available due to signal quality of data carriers, therefore, Blue Lakes By The Bay cannot be held responsible for any loss of signal or data transfers to and from your devices. Blue Lakes By The Bay is not responsible to assist in connectivity to the Wi-Fi devices. Illegal data transfers and piracy are not permitted on these devices.
  • Read about Michigan's Impaired Driving laws and regulations.


  • 1. This document contains all of the terms and conditions under which the Company agrees to furnish the designated service to you, the Customer. This document will constitute a legally binding contract, and it cannot be amended except by another agreement in writing between the Company and the Customer.
  • 2. The total contract price stated herein is based upon the specific service requested by you. You are therefore requested to carefully read the entire contract document before you sign it. If you find any errors or omissions, you should return the contract unsigned and make a notation of all errors, or omissions, either on this document or in a separate writing. If the Company agrees that this document contains any errors or omissions, a new contract will be prepared and furnished to you.
  • 3. If you want to make any changes in the agreed itinerary, you must contact the Company prior to the scheduled departure date, and notify it of any requested changes. If the Company does agree to make any requested changes in your itinerary, if this results in either an increase or decrease, in the stated contract price, a new contract document will be prepared and sent to you for your signature. The Company's driver will be furnished with a copy of the entire agreed upon itinerary, and he will be specifically instructed to follow it. The driver has no authority to agree to make any changes in the trip schedule. Rather, any driver must request the prior approval of a duly authorized officer of the Company. Therefore, if, after your trip commences, you want to make any change in the agreed itinerary, you must so notify the driver at once and he will contact the Company. The Company shall have the absolute discretion and right to either agree or decline, to make any requested changes. If the Company agrees to make any requested changes it shall have the right to insist that any additional payment be made by you directly to the driver. If the company agrees to any requested change, and if you do not pay in advance, you will become responsible for the payment of the full amount of any increase in the contract price immediately upon completion of the trip. Any additional charges shall be based upon the Company's prevailing tariff rates.
  • 4. The Company shall not be liable for the loss of any items of personal property, or baggage, stored in either the overhead racks inside the bus or the luggage compartments underneath the bus. Therefore, each member of the group shall be responsible for his own personal property and baggage. Each person shall have the responsibility for removing all of his personal property and baggage from the bus at the end of each day of travel, and up the completion of the trip. It is understood and agreed that the performance of the service detailed in this order is subject to tariff regulations and is contingent upon the carrier's ability to furnish the equipment and perform the service. Baggage and all other property will be handled only at passenger's own risk and only in an amount that can conveniently be carried in the charter bus. Any damage to the vehicle, caused by the chartering party, will be charged by the carrier to the chartering party.
  • 5. The Company reserves the right to lease equipment from another company in order to fulfill this charter agreement.


  • 1. If a charter trip is canceled 30 days or more in advance of departure date, the customer will receive a full refund of any payments made to the Company. See front of contract for any revisions. If the charter trip is canceled 30 days or less in advance of the departure date, a 10% charge per day will be assessed based on the charter amount, up to 100%
  • 2. This document contains and constitutes the entire contract between the parties. Any change in the stated itinerary and/or contract price, will not be binding upon the Company unless it is evidenced by another document in writing executed by a duly authorized officer of the Company.


  • 1. If Act of God, public enemies, authority of law, quarantine, perils of navigation, riots, strikes, the hazards or dangers incident to a state of war, accidents, bad conditions of the road, snow storms, breakdowns, and other conditions beyond its control, make it, in the option of the Carrier, inadvisable to operate charter either from the "Place of Origin" or any point reroute, the Carrier shall not be liable therefore.
  • 2. This contract shall be deemed to have been made in the State of Michigan, and its enforcement and interpretation shall be subject to its laws.
  • 3. Because fuel costs constitute a significant portion of the services provided hereunder, the customer agrees that Blue Lakes By The Bay may increase rates hereunder proportionately to adjust for any increase in such fuel costs or elect to cancel said service at the option of the customer.

Copyright and Other Intellectual Property Obligations:

Tour Operator/Lessee, pursuant to the Copyright Laws of the United States and other applicable laws, including all International Copyright laws, Treaties, and conventions, shall obtain from the owners, their agents or other licensor of the copyright and other intellectual property rights, all licenses and other grants and permissions necessary for the public performance of all music, other audio and visual materials presented or sponsored by Tour Operator/Lessee on the leased vehicles, and shall make all required royalty, license and any other payments which may be required. To the extent, if any, that Vehicle Owner/Operator/Lessee shall be required, to obtain any such licenses, grants and permissions and/or to make royalty, license or any other payments as a result, Tour Operator/Lessee shall pay for or reimburse to Vehicle Owner/Operator/Lessee the full costs, including taxes and administrative fees, if any, of such payments.


Tour Operator/Lessee shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Vehicle Owner/Operator/Lessor and its officers, directors, agents, and employees, and each of them, from the against any and all actions, cause of action, claims, demands, liabilities, losses, damages, costs or expenses, of whatever kind and nature, including judgments, interest and attorneys' fees ("matters") which Vehicle Owner/Operator/Lessor and its officers, directors, agents, and employees, and each of them, shall or may at any time or from time to time, subsequent to the date of this Agreement sustain or incur or become subject to, involving, with respect to, or relating to any breach by Tour Operator/Lessee of any provision of this Agreement or any other contract with Vehicle Owner/Operator/Lessor or the infringement or alleged infringement of any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights of others or the acts of omissions of Tour Operator/Lessee pursuant to this Agreement.